Welcome To The Barbados Students Group
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About BASH

-This is the Youth section of The Barbados Association of Greater Houston.

-We are open to everyone between the ages of 5-25 years old.

-Our mission is to increase cultural awareness of our little gem of an island called Barbados while at the same time learn more of our local culture here in Houston.

-We sponsor fundraising events to help fund our activities as well as donate to worthy causes.

-We emphasize education, strong moral character, and positive self esteem.


How does it benefit

-Our young people gain good 'people skills' and learn responsibility.

-We increase awareness of another island in the Caribbean besides Jamaica or the Bahamas.

-As a community service organization, we help the poor and needy and volunteer our time     for other charitable causes.

-We award funds to deserving members seeking higher educational goals.

- We gain knowledge while having fun in a family friendly atmosphere.