The National Anthem Of Barbados

In plenty and in time of need

When this fair land was young

Our brave forefathers sowed the seed

From which our pride is sprung,

A pride that makes no wanton boast

Of what it has withstood

That binds our hearts from coast to coast-

The pride of nationhood.


We loyal sons and daughters all

Do herby make it known

These fields and hills beyond recall

Are now our very own.

We write our names on history's page

With expectations great,

Strict guardians of our heritage,

Firm craftsmen of our fate.


The Lord has been the people's guide

For past three hundred years.

With him still on the people's side

We have no doubts or fears.

Upward and onward we shall go,

Inspired, exulting, free,

And greater will our nation grow

In strength and unity.